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Jun 26, 2010

Pentacoloured Weekend Memes

Scenic Sunday
Scenic Sunday

My Scenic Sunday Participation (in a long, long time.)

A Modern Suburb with a Rural View


An idyllic setting in a fast modern changing times. This piece of farm is located across my daughter's house, a picture that I surreptitiously took between the blinds behind the bedroom glass door.  With the current expansion of the railway lines, and  busy construction of the pedestrian pavement going on to which is now open for passersby to use, I hope this green area with animals stock will not get affected by. I did not even realise there is a creek (again) until I have uploaded the photos in my computer. So it's a bit of a cheery surprise for me.

Sunday Bridges

Bridge Too Far


Bridge linking Liverpool and Macquarie Fields. I have to find out yet if this is the Cambridge Bridge flying over Glenfield Causeway, whatever that means. Glenfield causeway has been the most critical, undisputedly infamous and undoubtedly dangerous road and residents were clamoring the government to build this bridge.
Taken on a running bus.

Flyover Bridge for my Straight Out of the Camera
A View from the Flyover Bridge


A rail expansion work below in Glenfield, southwest of Sydney. Taken on a running bus.

Shadow Sunday

"Harriet's art themed musings; random off-track incidentals...and Shadow Shot Sunday. Every Sunday."~The Pride of Australia.


Lovely noonday shadow shot taken while aboard a suburban train to the city. The tall building beside this shadowy boot park is the Casula Powerhouse.

Weekend Nature
Winter Green after the Rain


In chemistry, as an oil, Wintergreen is known as Methyl Salicylate. It is an essential oil useful for aromatherapy massage for joints and muscles. But not in this case. Winter Green is only my description of this particular countryside green view while boarding the train to the city. This is in Warwick Farm before Liverpool.



Ralph said...

The shame is that the urban landscape does encroach into the country. We have seen it in the US and with all the country yet to be developed in OZ, it happens fast...

The power lines show progress, though. You have captured nice looks from your pubic transit rides. To many commuters miss the scenes on their rides to/from work...

Carolyn Ford said...

I like the top photo from your daughter's window! A nice natural surprise of an unknown creek so close by is cute! I hope you get a chance to walk beside it.

Sylvia K said...

Lovely captures, beautiful shadows, reflections! I, too, love the view from your daughters window. A wonderful place to walk! Hope your weekend is going well!


DeniseinVA said...

Lovely photos combining all tehse meme's Bonnie.

An English Girl Rambles

Gemma Wiseman said...

A fascinating collection of photos! The last time I saw Casula powerhouse, it was being converted into an Arts Community building but still had lots of broken windows and rather overgrown grounds!

The Warwick Farm view for my Weekend Nature meme looks like the very same train view I saw regularly many years ago! It amazes me that it's been preserved!

Thanks so much for joining Weekend Nature!

Happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Nice shots, I too like the one from your daughters window.

Dimple said...

You have some very nice pics here. I agree with all who like your shot from the window.
Have a great weekend!

Hey Harriet said...

I love the selection of photos you've captured for all these memes. And they all look so lovely together as a sereis! Hope you've enjoyed the weekend so far :)

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is delighted that you have joined Sunday Bridges. He has been wanting more representation from the Southern Hemisphere and he hopes that you will join us again next Sunday.

Ebie said...

Wow, nice drive by photos! Its fun riding on the train, beating the traffic!

NatureFootstep said...

interesting reflections you captured.

Yes, Midsummer is one of our major weekends. It is an ancient costum. It is about celebrating the summer solstice, but they decided to have it the closest friday, so it will not come in the middle of a week.