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May 30, 2010

Life in the Neigbourhood

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While summer down under means scorching days, autumn is the opposite. It came bit early which was a relief. Then we had occasional rain that gave us more comfort.

Winter is here now and I have been feeling it since two weeks ago. Or is it that my body is now acclimatized to the city's weather? Since the place where I came from is a very cold place that we even get snow over there at winter time. The maximum temperature there is even lower than the city's maximum temperature.

Here are some of the natural scenario occurring in the neighbourhood at this time of the year. Messy and nobody cares. Not when storm winds keep bugging and the rain makes the ground soggy. And not when am out to visit my family most of the time.

Pictures were taken just this morning: dismal, cold and raining.

Leafy carpet of the front walkway.

As you can see, leaves of this tree are changing colours, then they fall until the tree becomes bare.

A walkway to the carpark. The garden has been temporarily neglected.

Restored green backyard lawn from the dry summer. Sweet potatoes still thriving.

The back tree is also undergoing colour change except the mandarin behind. That's the little corner of My World.


May 29, 2010

When Nature is Altered on Weekend Reflections (36)

Created by James of Newton Area Photo.

Roadwork, railwork - whichever. This is most common scenery along the railway lines. I travelled following the Campbelltown Train Service to the city via Bankstown line so I can stay on the train longer and view the other side of my zone.

The NSW City Rail Authority are working non-stop untangling the web of rail networks to minimize delay of train services around the city and the state.


May 21, 2010

Idyllic Weekend (Weekend Reflections 35)

Created by James of Newtown Area Photo of Pennsylvania, USA.

"Discovering this idyllic place, we find ourselves filled with a yearning to linger here, where time stands still and beauty overwhelms." ~ Inspirational-Quotations.

Taken one weekend away for a quiet time in a quiet place from the window of a running train to Newcastle.

This is Hawkesbury River located north of Sydney and one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia. Its surrounding is pretty much a farming area and the river is flanked by unspoiled woodland and bush. Hawkesbury River played a vital role in the early colonization days of New South Wales especially in farming established by the First Settlers who came to Australia in 1794.

As you can see in the quiet reflection of this idyll scenery, peace prevails which makes an ideal pursuit away from an otherwise humdrum day.


May 20, 2010





Both taken last 15 May 2010 where we held our church fellowship in the community hall. Unfortunately, for the second photo my camera was not appropriately set to the right focus that it appears as if Sunset has already taken place due to haste as we had baby on board.

For some interesting perusal that you might find helpful, please click HERE.


May 18, 2010


Australia has so many hidden beauties. Bobbin Head is one of them. Being part of the Ku Ring Gai Chase National Park which is located on the northside of Sydney that takes about 34 minutes drive, this area covers 15000 hectares and had been once the location of the famous Australian Television Series "Skippy", the Kangaroo.

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