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May 18, 2010


Australia has so many hidden beauties. Bobbin Head is one of them. Being part of the Ku Ring Gai Chase National Park which is located on the northside of Sydney that takes about 34 minutes drive, this area covers 15000 hectares and had been once the location of the famous Australian Television Series "Skippy", the Kangaroo.

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Post Script:

Hello Susan of the Outdoor Wednesday, I apologize that my comment can't get through your comment box. Maybe I should not be joining memes if this is the case then I won't be offending people.


Regina said...

Hello Bonnie dearest. Glad you are back.
Those are wonderful!


Suzi Smith said...

Have you checked in settings>comments, that comments are allowed from all (not just members). It may be worth looking up the blogger help forum & asking for advice there. Hope you get sorted soon.

Renee said...

Beautiful scenery in your country.

Blessing Reflections said...

Wonderful photos, and very pretty scenery!