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Feb 26, 2012

Yallingup Cave in Postcard

"Yallingup Cave, explored in 1899 by Messrs Dawson, Curtis and Seymour, was opened to the public in 1900. Candles and lanterns illuminated the cave until 1903 when the first electrical system was installed."
Here's the story of this cave came out to be as originally knows as the Ngilgi Cave associated with rich Aboriginal legend: A Journey Through the Inner Earth as published by Bunbury, Western Australia website.

"The cave is famous for its profusion of formations especially the beautiful shawls. Strange helictites abound growing on the roof, walls and even from other formations. The stalactites hanging on tight, and stalagmites which might even reach the roof, add their own special quality to the timelessness of the cave. Dainty straws give testimony to the stability of this cave system. They manage 25mm per 100 years growth rate.

Another large section of the cave was discovered during the mid 1960's, part of this "wild cave" is used for guided adventure tours, enabling our guests to experience the thrills of caving.

Yallingup Cave, one of nature's loveliest achievements." ~Rolsh Production

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