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Jul 25, 2010

My Weekend Views

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Just visiting one of the memory lanes somewhere in Orange, NSW. This brings me tears somehow I can't get away from being nostalgic. In contrast, we don't get snow down here in the city, being it is located along the coastal lines. I know that the view is different from those of you who live in the Antipodean pole, so just a kind of giving you an idea how we, downunderners, can also cope this weather. We are also a well-known whingers from the southern hemisphere who whinge about everything: from weather be it dismal or hot, to late train or bus service, to hosting Olympics Games (2000) or whatever change is taking place. When everything comes up beautifully - everyone then claims "I'm proud to be Australian." Does this ring familiar to your own country? If this is true, then we indeed belong to the United Nations.


Okay in the point of order: Top is our former home - the frontyard. The snow blanket covers my garden.Middle picture is the street where this home is located. Bottom: is a portion of the large backyard, big enough to build a granny's flat. That's my little girls.

We all rugged up like sausage rolls and went outside as early as 4 to 5o'clock in the morning to start the fun so we won't miss out. The whiteness of the surrounding makes it look as if it is broad daylight. Then our neighbours noticed what we were doing. So they followed suit. We did it because by the time the sun is up at 7am, all the snow melts. We have pretty strong and cancerous sun rays down here especially on Summer Days. Don't panic, we survive! It's different though up in the Snowy Highlands where the ski actions are!


The Dream

The biggest snow in Orange in my memory. The year was 1990 precisely in June 25th, the day my youngest girl was born. These last two pictures were taken in the vicinity of Orange Base Hospital Maternity Ward.

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Cassie said...

Nice snowy ShadowShots! I always get turned around when I hear you have snow in August...Today in N.Idaho,it should be around 95degrees F. here! Our hottest day of the summer!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful combination of memes ate Bonnie. Those winter photos are great to watch in the summer heat.

Nostalgic Marveling

wenn said...

very scenic!

Hilda said...

Interesting. I always thought your winters didn't have snow.

Kim, USA said...

Hi Bonnie what a good way to reminisce the memory lane. Great shot! Happy Sunday!

Poultry Barn

Gemma Wiseman said...

I have been to Orange many years ago, but only in Spring or Summer. Locals told me that it snowed there and I always found it so amazing that a far west place had snow! Incredible photos!

Thank you for joining in Weekend Nature!

Dubster said...

Hi Bonnie, these are lovely pictures. great shot with wonderful memories

Ralph said...

Where we live in the US, Southern New England, it snows in the winter and the older I get, I tend to like it less. Yet, the newly fallen snow leave behind the air that is cleaner and crisper than ever. The new snow is wonderful (and I never expected snow in Oz :>)

Dimple said...

These remind me of the time it snowed in my hometown in central California. My mother got us up at about 2 AM so we could experience it. It was magical! I believe we woke the neighbors also!

As a side note: why do you not want to comment when the form is embedded?

Jan said...

Interesting old shots.

ruthi said...

Oh Yeah it is winter downunder because it is summer here now. well you are not alone, we whine a lot here too. i guess if only mother nature can talk she will whine about us whining. lol. lovely shots. come here in Maine and you can have a much snow that you like... how about 20 inches?

Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful snowy captures! It never snows here in Brisbane! Have a great week. Keep warm :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Do you live up in the mountains where there are snow?

You wrote about pop out comments? What are they?

Unknown said...

Nice shots. The one and only time I went to Orange in the winter, although it didn't snow, it was very cold.

Definitely gets very cold up there.

Joyful said...

Some great photos. I enjoyed the vintage "feel" of them.

Unknown said...

Nice Photos!